One of the easiest and most affordable ways to renovate your property is to clean it. Hire us and we can perform pressure washing, window washing, solar cleaning and gutter cleaning services. When we’re done, you will love the way your property will look. Clean, professional, and brand new. We are fully licensed and insured!


You can greatly enhance the appearance of your home by having its windows cleaned. If you hire us to clean your windows, our cleaners will do more than merely wash the dirt and pollen off your windows. We’ll also look for any issues with your windows that might jeopardize their lifespan and then address those issues quickly.

There is a new art for cleaning windows using incredible water-fed pole technology. Our cleaning professionals no longer need to climb ladders or use a suspended scaffold to clean windows that are up to 3 stories high. We minimize the risk and increase safety for all employees by not having to use a ladder for every situation over 1 story. The water-fed pole technology allows us to clean your windows while maintaining a ground position. In addition, we only use purified water to clean windows because it ensures that no residue, streaks, or spots will be left behind after we’re done. To create pure water, we use the XERO Pure system, which consists of three stages of filtration to ensure spot free results every time.

It also thoroughly cleans window sills and frames, which is awesome!

We have 3 different options you can choose for window cleaning.

  • Exterior or Interior only
  • Both Exterior and Interior
  • OnPoint Package (Consists of Exterior windows cleaning, interior window cleaning, detailed cleaning of tracks and frames, and screen cleaning using our Xero Screen cleaner machine)

We love to clean the exterior of homes and buildings in San Diego. Give us a call and see for yourself how bright and spotless we can make your windows.


Do you have solar panels on your property? If you do, then you know how much pollen and dust can cover them. These environmental elements are carried by the wind and blown onto your solar panels. If the solar panels get too dirty, it will be more difficult for them to absorb the solar rays of the sun and produce energy for your home or building. Just a little bit of dirt can decrease the energy output by 5%. And if your panels are filthy dirty, they’ll have a 25% decrease in energy output. This is the difference between hundreds of dollars of energy expenses over a year’s time.

Do not assume that rain simply washes away the pollen and dirt from your solar panels. A professional cleaning and washing service must be performed on your panels because these dirty elements do not wash away easily. For this reason, most solar panel companies recommend that you clean your panels at least twice a year (every six months), especially if you live in a dry region of the country. We clean your solar panels using our water-fed pole technology. It’s not only safe but the most effective. Using purified water on the solar panels leaves no mineral spots or hard water stains on your panels which will help maximize the efficiency and energy. You didn’t invest in solar panels to operate without maximum efficiency. This can cost you hundreds of dollars.


The pavement and concrete on the exterior of your property is susceptible to an array of outdoor pollutants. You have to worry about dangerous elements like algae, fungus, mildew, carbon, mold, rust stains, and dirt.

If you don’t wash away these elements quickly, they can damage the integrity of your home. Pressure washing these elements off your driveway, walkway, siding, and other solid areas, preserves your structure for the years to come. On top of that, guests and visitors who come to your property will be delighted with what they see. This is called curb appeal, which definitely comes in handy if you ever want to sell your home and reflects positively on you as the owner.

Of course, we can pressure wash commercial properties as well as residential properties in San Diego. Our range of pressure washing services include exterior soft cleaning, pavement cleaning, and concrete cleaning. Before you purchase our services, we can give you a demonstration of just how powerful our pressure washer can be in cleaning the dirty elements of your property. If you like what you see, you can hire us to clean the rest.



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When you purchase the services of OnPoint Window Cleaners, we offer a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction. This is the main goal of our company. We are not happy unless our customers are happy. By building these kinds of relationships with our customers we are able to keep the same customers for years and years.

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Roy Adam

“My solar panels were filthy! I contacted Marlon about getting my solar panels cleaned. Marlon had me take a few pictures, answer a few questions and within minutes he gave me a quick quote over the phone. Marlon arrived on time with another crew member and they immediately got to work.”

Lindsey Tennille

“I would highly recommend OnPoint for window and solar cleaning! Taylor and Marlon were professional and courteous. They came on time as scheduled and gave me an accurate quote before doing the window cleaning. Our windows look great! They did them quickly and didn’t make a mess of our house or yard while cleaning them.”

Don Baker

“I own several beach front properties and it seems like the windows are always getting dirty. They are vacation rentals so I need them looking their best in order to keep our renters coming back year after year. Marlon and his team always do an amazing job cleaning the windows and are always willing to work around my schedule.”

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