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Do you need professional solar panel cleaning in San Diego? If so, then check out the services of OnPoint Solar Panel Cleaning! We not only specialize in window washing, but we can also clean solar panels too. Once we’re done removing the dirt and pollen from the solar panels on your property, they’ll be left looking sparkly clean. Your solar panels will produce the highest level of energy possible for your building. Give us a call! (619) 780-7773

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Solar Panel Cleaning: Before & After

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Fully Licensed & Insured Solar Panel Cleaning in San Diego

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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning San Diego

OnPoint offers solar cleaning services to industrial, residential, and commercial users. Most of our solar clients are residential homes. But if you have commercial or industrial property with solar panels then you will want to use our cleaning services too. We are Boom Lift Certified; we can handle any commercial solar panel cleaning job, no matter the size or scope! Hire us for your next commercial solar panel cleaning in San Diego!

How often should solar panels be cleaned?2020-10-29T02:44:31+00:00

At the very minimum you should have your solar panels cleaned annually. A good time for a thorough cleaning would be during the Spring and Summer months. Most solar manufacturers recommend that panels be cleaned at least twice per year. This often leads to a minimum of a 5% to 25% increase in efficiency depending on how dirty the panels are.

Is it important to keep solar panels clean?2020-02-20T23:54:18+00:00

In some environments, solar panels are “self-cleaning”, however here in San Diego, we often have many dry days. Solar panels can become quite dirty and caked with grime. Also, if your panels have minimal tilt, dirt and other substances have no chance of sliding off. Besides, bird guano can built up over time and impact the amount of electricity generated. And you don’t need a lot of bird droppings to affect the efficiency of your panels.

Is there a risk of electrocution when cleaning solar panels?2020-03-27T06:14:48+00:00

Yes! And this is yet another reason why you should hire professionals to clean your solar panels. If the glass is broken — even a small crack — water can leak into the workings of the solar panel. Such damage increases the risk of electrocution. OnPoint will check your panels to ensure that there is no damage to the panels.

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Solar Panel Cleaning Testimonials

Nicole Elbik

“We have had our solar panels for a few years now and I had no idea what a difference cleaning them could make. Taylor from OnPoint Window and Solar Panel Cleaning was very knowledgeable and super friendly. He explained the cleaning process and the benefits on how it could affect our kilowatt production. Boy was he right. They were very reasonably priced as well. I will definitely be using them on a regular basis!”

Roy Adam

“My solar panels were filthy! I contacted Marlon about getting my solar panels cleaned. Marlon had me take a few pictures, answer a few questions and within minutes he gave me a quick quote over the phone. Marlon arrived on time with another crew member and they immediately got to work.”

Lindsey Tennille

“I would highly recommend OnPoint for window and solar cleaning! Taylor and Marlon were professional and courteous. They came on time as scheduled and gave me an accurate quote before doing the window cleaning. Our windows look great! They did them quickly and didn’t make a mess of our house or yard while cleaning them.”

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